Adaptation Learning Exchange for Organisations

Project On-going
Date added: 10/08/2016

A programme to support organisations with adaptation planning

The Adaptation Learning Exchange (ALE) is a community of practice that supports organisations adapt to climate change. It creates opportunities to share knowledge and ideas, highlight best practice, facilitate peer support and find opportunities to collaborate.

ALE is open to professionals working in or with the public sector who are interested in working collaboratively to create a climate ready Scotland. Members have access to training and support, as well as the opportunity to network and learn from people working across different sectors and organisations.

There are several ways that you can get involved with the Adaptation Learning Exchange:

  • Through our online forum

Members are encouraged to ask questions, discuss challenges and share good practice. The online forum is a place to share information, build relationships, collaborate on adaptation actions and be supported in your work by a community that understands the value of adapting to climate change now. You will have access to all the latest news about adaptation events, and have the opportunity to drive the direction of adaptation in Scotland by participating in consultations.

Join the Adaptation Learning Exchange online forum by contacting

  • At our face to face exchange events

Our learning exchange events are designed the build the capacity of organisations through targeted professional learning. Face to face events help to equip participants with the skills and confidence to drive adaptation in their organisation, whatever they may look like. It’s also an opportunity to build on the relationships and peer support established in the online community. You will have the opportunity build on the relationships and collaboration from our online community and practice, and take discussions offline.

Sign up to the Adaptation Scotland Newsletter or join our online community on Knowledge Hub to keep informed about upcoming events.

  • Through our online enquiry service

Adaptation Scotland provides ongoing support and advice to individuals and organisations through our online enquiry service.